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Worrying too much about what would happen if something goes wrong? Not worrying enough? Enjoy the piece of mind that comes with having the right protection you and your family need.

The following are just some of the Insurance for Individuals that are available:

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Individual Life Insurance

Life insurance is a unique asset. Because of its potential high yield and its tax-favored benefits, it can be used to solve some of life's perplexing financial problems. When time or other circumstances have kept the estate owner from accumulating sufficient assets to care for his or her family, life insurance can create an instant estate. Pay Federal and other estate settlement costs. Fund a business transfer and protect a business from the loss of a key employee. If there is a need for the future delivery of monies, life insurance could be the solution. Contact us to help you use insurance to meet your needs.

Individual Disability Insurance

Most people don't have enough savings to cover an extended period of disability. This is why the financial impact of a disability can be worse than the impairment itself.

Disability insurance allows you to focus on getting well and returning to work and helps you and your family to weather the financial storm. Contact us to discuss disability insurance and why this coverage is one of the best protections you can buy for yourself.

Long Term Care Insurance

Most people don't realize that Medicare and private health insurance do not pay for ongoing chronic care that does not treat or cure a medical condition. Called "long term care", it is different from the care you receive in a hospital. You can receive this care in your home, at a nursing home or other long term care facility, and it can be needed for a brief time, intermittently, or on a permanent basis.

Long term care insurance helps subsidize the costs of receiving assistance with the "activities of daily living" (such as eating, bathing, dressing, transferring, and toileting) in the event of a disability, serious illness or decreased functioning due to advanced age or cognitive impairment. Unless you have made arrangements for family members or other volunteers to provide you care at no cost to you, this care is expensive and can become a financial burden over time. Just like medical care, everyone should have a plan to meet their long term care needs.

Call us to discuss long term care insurance and how it can benefit you.

Individual Health and Dental

Health and dental plans and their variations provide many options from which to choose. Which is right for you can depend on several factors.

Contact our office and we'll be happy to explain the various types of individual health and dental products to help you select which is the right match for you and your family.

Short Term Medical

Short Term Medical insurance is one of the best ways to fill a gap in your existing coverage for periods of less than 62 days (although it can be purchased for periods up to a year, depending on your state of residence). It is often used by workers who are switching jobs and can’t afford to elect COBRA continuation, students who are graduating off their parents’ plan, or the currently uninsured who wish to purchase temporary coverage while their permanent coverage is being underwritten. Although this type of insurance tends to be very inexpensive, it has exclusions not found on most permanent health insurance policies which must be considered. So please call us to discuss whether Short Term Medical insurance is your best option… or for immediate self-service click here to get a quote, choose a plan and even apply online.

Homeowners/Renters Insurance

Let us help you protect your household and its belongings with the cornerstone of personal lines, the Homeowners policy. With information about the location, construction, and other details we will help you select a policy that best meets your needs.

Personal Auto Insurance

No one should ever sit behind the wheel without the liability insurance that comes with a solid Personal Auto Protection (PAP) policy. Call us to learn more about why "more is more"" when it comes to protecting yourself against auto-related mishaps.

Excess Liability/Personal Umbrella

The purpose of liability insurance is to protect you when you are sued. An excess liability/personal umbrella policy extends existing liability coverage, filling in the gaps between similar coverage provided under your homeowners, personal auto, and professional liability policies. This coverage is invaluable when an underlying policy excludes coverage for certain situations or when your underlying policy limits are exhausted.

Call us to discuss why excess liability is an essential element of your personal protection portfolio.

Professional Liability (Malpractice) Insurance

Professional Liability (Malpractice) insurance is needed when someone suffers losses due to your alleged negligence while you are performing the duties of your occupation. This line of coverage is usually associated with doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects and other licensed professionals. However it is also for other professionals whose judgment is relied upon by customers and clients.

Contact us to discuss your occupation and whether Professional Liability is right for you.

Information on group liability insurance specifically for Directors and Officers of a business or organization.

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