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Whether your business is for profit, not-for-profit, non-profit, or a school, union or association, we want your organization to recover quickly when the unexpected happens. Not only do our products make your organization more resilient under adversity, you will attract better and more loyal employees. The commercial lines of insurance that we offer include:

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Business Interruption/Extra Expense

While it is important to have your physical property and premises insured, how will your business fair during the (sometimes considerable) time it takes to rebuild and replace following a covered loss? And what if a temporary location is required? Can you afford it?

Make sure your business can weather the worse-case scenario by purchasing adequate Business Interruption with Extra Expense protection.

Business Owners Package (BOP) Policies

Certain small businesses qualify for a package policy called a "BOP". Combining many of the most-used elements of Commercial General Liability, Commercial Property and other lines allows you to get broad "hybrid" coverage for a greatly reduced price. There are specialty BOPs that are custom designed for certain types of small businesses with unique but predictable needs such as restaurants, jewelry stores, and law firms.

Call us to find out of your business qualifies for a BOP.

Business Travel Accident Insurance

The primary purpose of Business Travel Accident insurance is to provide an additional lump sum benefit in the event an employee dies or becomes dismembered due to an accident while traveling on behalf of your business or organization. Unlike traditional Life/AD&D insurance, it is not tied directly to the maximums or limits of the group life insurance policy, and medical underwriting is not required.

These highly flexible plans also can be expanded to insure other situations to protect employees who take on additional risk due to the nature or setting of their jobs, including incidents occurring on the employer's premises. Organizations that send representatives into the world to do their work (such as for sales, board meetings and fundraising), Banks, Jewelry Stores, and Security Firms are just some of the kinds of organizations that should consider this extra layer of protection.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability insurance is there to help you when your organization is sued due to your products, accidents on the premises, or when someone else's property or reputation is damaged. When combined with other types of liability insurance, this protection is needed even when every other precaution has been taken.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property insurance can be designed to insure real property (buildings, secondary structures), commercial personal property (much of the other physical assets inside and out) as well as intellectual property like patents, trademarks and copyrights. Whether owned or leased, borrowed or just in your "care, custody or control", the right combination of products is available to fit your specific needs.

Commercial Auto Insurance

A specific type of property that requires special attention is the business auto, from the vehicle used by a salesperson to an entire fleet of delivery vehicles. Are you covered when you rent a vehicle for business? What if it is borrowed? How about that employee who agrees to run an errand for you with their personal auto? Making sure you have exactly what you want and need will help protect you from unexpected events.

Directors and Officers Liability

Being on the board of directors or acting as an officer of a business or institution can target you for a lawsuit. Make sure your Directors and Officers are protected from lawsuits alleging negligence or misconduct while looking after the affairs of the organization.

See information on business liability insurance specifically addressing Errors and Omissions of the employees of business

Employment Practices Liability

Like it or not, employing others exposes you to a whole series of possible liabilities and lawsuits. Protect yourself and your business as an employer by purchasing this most valuable protection.

Errors and Omissions Liability

This coverage is designed to protect businesses who employee professionals such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, consultants, engineers, nurses and other business professionals who may be sued due to negligence in the performance of their professional duties.

See "Directors and Officers Liability, above, for information on liability insurance specifically for the Directors and Officers of your organization.

See "Professional Liability (Malpractice) Insurance," if you are a professional interested in this line of coverage

Excess Liability/Commercial Umbrella

Make sure your organization is adequately protected by purchasing Excess Liability/Commercial Umbrella coverage. These policies are designed to broaden and increase coverage and to "fill in the gaps" left by many other types of liability insurance. Contact us to discuss what Excess Liability can do for you.

Workers' Compensation

States require that nearly all employers carry Workers' Compensation insurance, which provides medical, wage-loss, and sometimes death benefits for workers injured on the job. Contact us to discuss the requirements of your state and to see if you are getting the most appropriate coverage available

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